Artist Statement.
These images capture the first tender and intimate moment during which my mother cut my dad's hair for the first time during lockdown. Nostalgia is evoked through the warm tones, and the aim of this standalone image is to situate the viewer into the same living room where me and my father both experienced the love of my mother's hand on our scalps. Each component of this photo - my mother's hand, the scissor, and my father's head - play an important role in conveying trust and vulnerability. The shallow depth of field is used to further emphasize the intimacy of the process of haircare.

Haircare is one of the quintessential components of Black African and Black African diasporic culture. When younger, our mother combed through our coils and kinks and braided them, so we could look our best for school the next day. As we grew older we learned how to care for our own hair, but the feeling of having someone you love take care of you when you could not take care of yourself is not lost. I fell in love all over again watching my parents engage like this - it was love at the first home haircut.
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